A Hearty Salad as a Meal

We had this delicious salad as our meal last night.  It was created out of a hankering for roasted red onions.  The end result was outstanding.  I added some cherry

Painting Furniture

In describing myself, I would have to add that there are few things in this world that I wouldn’t slap a coat of paint on to suit my ever evolving

Make Roasted and Salted Almonds with NO Oil

We’re nut eaters.  Pretty much equal opportunity nut consumers at that, though we do have our preferences.  

My Pantry

 You know, there are just some rooms in your home that say ‘you’.  Those are the rooms in which the ying and yang come together and the rooms epitomizes your

Knitting the Sweetest Baby Blanket

    Without me telling you the exact number, you know I’m of ‘a certain age’ when my friends are starting to welcome grand-babies in to their world. How absolutely

Give new life to old candles

I really enjoy having nice candles burning in my kitchen.  I’m very selective on the fragrance and can usually find something appealing at Pottery Barn.  But what really gets my

Why You Should Can Your Own Soups and Stocks

Canning, like any other skill, takes a little education and a lot of common sense.  Most people are intimidated by stories they’ve heard about exploding canners and botulism.  The pressure

Tools Necessary for Safely Canning and Preserving Foods

I discovered the satisfaction of canning soups, stocks, fruits and vegetables several years ago in attempt to take more control over what went in to my family’s bodies.  First it