Maple Bacon Muffins with a Brown Sugar-Bacon Streusel

We are still trying out recipes for our daughter’s graduation brunch party in June.  We’ve got a couple of things nailed down; the bacon twizzlers are a must, as are

Cucumber Trellis

For years we made a teepee-ish thing for our cucumbers to climb up.  We made it out of bamboo poles with twine winding horizontally around the poles.  It really did

10 Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

Full confession:  I love kitchen gadgets!  Some (my husband) might say it’s an unhealthy obsession.  If I were a choco-holic, it probably wouldn’t be wise for me to work at

Caught my eye…(April 24, 2015)

            I’m back with a round-up of what caught my eye or made my mouth water this week.   Marie at Proud Italian Cook always has

New life to old chair

 As I’ve said before, there are very few things in life that can’t be improved with a fresh coat of paint.  This poor chair was the most recent candidate for the

A Comparison of Metallic Spray Paints

As I’ve said before, I’m all about using paint to accommodate my changeable decorating whims.  Spray paint is the most immediately gratifying of the paint mediums.  However, when I was

Thai Black Rice Bowl

I’ve mentioned in the past that Thai Cuisine is a universally loved ethnic food in our family.  We eat it whenever and wherever we can.  Last week I made  This Coconut

Caught my eye (April 17, 2015)…

          A round-up of all the eye-pleasing and palate-tempting morsels I spied this week.  Enjoy your weekend! Have you tried this trick to peel garlic?  I