Mid-Summer Vegetable Garden and Succession Planting

We returned home from our 3 week vacation and could not wait to see, in this order, Flora and our vegetable garden.  Flora was all joy and sunshine, but our

How to Recover a Storage Cube

So, I’ve mentioned in past posts that my oldest, my baby, my sweet daughter will be heading off to college this fall…in 16 days to be exact! YIKES! She and

Roasted Curry Cauliflower Salad

I have been in a ‘clean out the refrigerator’ mode with our vacation looming.  As such,  I have been hesitant to buy anything at the grocery store for the past

Make Art : DIY Coral Paintings

It’s been a while since we talked about being your own best artist.  I’ve been slowly updating our master bedroom, which had been neglected over the years.  There was a

Compost Tea: How to Build a Brewer & Brew Tea

This is a guest post from our resident compost tea brewer, my husband Terry.   If you’ve been following our Organic Garden Diary series, you know how much we LOVE our

Snazzy Organization Ideas : 7 Styles

‘m a little geeky when it comes to eye-appealing storage; in fact, I use the term ‘functional aesthetics‘ more often than my family would like to hear. Let’s face it,

Caught my eye (July 9, 2015)…

I have a real potpourri of bits and bobs from around the internet today.  Think there is something for everyone! It’s going to be another hot weekend and there is

Knit Cotton Washcloth with Crochet Edge

Are you read for a pattern for a Knit Cotton Washcloth? This one has a lovely crochet edge to give it a little something special. I’m not an overly materialistic