One Room Challenge : Laundry Room

Kismet (\kiz-met) : fate, a power that is believed to control what happens in the future Do you believe in kismet?  I am a firm believer; in fact, ‘kismet’ is one

Make Art : Upcycled Window Frame

When Kate was home for Christmas break we ventured to a salvage store just a wee bit south of Wilmington.  It was a fun outing and I came home with

Fanciful DIY Bird Feeder

Hello Friends!  We are enjoying the beautiful days that spring brings here in southeastern North Carolina.  Our azaleas are starting to bud, the grass is getting greener and I’ve been

Getting Ready for Spring

According to the calendar, we have to wait 2 more weeks for the ‘official’ start of Spring.  But in my neck of the woods, the southeastern coast of the US,

Bedroom Ideas: From Tween to Teen Room

I’ve been posting over the past 2 months the projects that have been bits and pieces of Kate’s new bedroom. This has been a fun project for us to do

Up-Cycle a Bench: from Glum to Glam

Hi Friends, I hope you are having success with your Unclutter Your Nest Boot Camp!  We are lean, mean uncluttering machines in this house.  But, we’ve also been making time

In Case You Missed It: Top 10 Posts and Highlights of 2015

***Before we begin our regularly scheduled programming, just a word from management reminding you of the upcoming Unclutter Your Nest and Lighten Your Load Boot Camp which starts Monday morning.

From Door to DIY Desk!

When we were building our home 12 years ago, Terry and I found a great salvage store that had all sorts of old doors, windows, mantels and the like. We