Blueberry Syrup

Hello friends, I hope your week has been summery and lovely. I really love June, all the benefits of summer without all the oppressive heat of July and August.  Plus,

Ginger Lemon Tea Cubes

Howdy friends!  Thanks for being here today.   So, do you have routines that you do every morning to help your mind and body best prepare for the day ahead?

Martini Bar

Hi Friends, do I have a fun idea for you today!  It’s especially perfect if you’re planning a Christmas or holiday party. But first, the backstory (because you know I’m

Gingerbread Syrup Recipe

I am not normally a coffee drinker, but I’m thinking that’s all about to change.   Since forever, I’ve made my son ‘steamed milk’ with coconut oil, chai spices (made

The New Squeeze on Flavored Lemonade

We are just returned from our first visit to Prague and I brought home several pieces of the city with me: images of the impressive and substantial architecture, appreciation of the

The Aperol Spritz : My New Summer Cocktail

I’m not a huge drinker of adventurous alcoholic beverages.  I’m rather plain-jane with my ubiquitous glass of white wine while cooking dinner most days a week (unless I’m on one