Knit Cotton Washcloth with Crochet Edge

Are you read for a pattern for a Knit Cotton Washcloth? This one has a lovely crochet edge to give it a little something special. I’m not an overly materialistic

Easy To Make Hand-Embroidered Monogram Pillows

I recently updated the paint and bedding in our Master Bedroom.  I chose the light and airy Sienna Paisley from Pottery Barn.  The cool colors were definitely what I was

Create Beautiful Fabric Cocktail Napkins

Hello friends! I’m sharing with you a tutorial to create beautiful fabric cocktail napkins, or any kind of napkin for that matter. But first, the backstory. My grandmother moved in

Upcycle a Candlewick Bedspread

Several years ago, we owned a small, but very charming lake house here in North Carolina.  The purchase of the lake house was rather spur of the moment, which is

Knot another washcloth!

A hand knit washcloth pattern featuring the  Chinese Wave Pattern and Crocheted Picot Edge I really enjoyed the quick knit of my last washcloth.  After knitting up a couple of them,

Hand Knit Washcloths

The other night my husband and I were guests of our friends at a basketball game.  While the game was carrying on in front of us, my girlfriend and I were

Crochet a lace edge on your pillowcase

I trust you’ve had success putting together your pillowcases.  Are you ready to embellish them with a little lace edge? Trust me, I am not an experienced crocheter (is that