Monday Musings, March 27

Happy Monday My Friends! I hope you are coming off of a good weekend. I hope Spring has sprung in your world and that you are feeling rejuvenated by the

Monday Musings, March 20

Happy, Happy Monday my friends! We enjoyed a quiet weekend here; well, as quiet as it can be with a 3-month old kitten running track through the house while she’s

Monday Musings March 13

Happy Monday my friends! I’m sitting here reflecting on a fun-filled weekend. Here’s what happened in my world…our daughter came home for her spring break, we adopted the SWEETEST little

Make Art: Lighting for Floral Art Photography

Howdy my friends!  I hope you are well! This post is a first for me in that it came about at the request of one of my fantabulous readers. She

Monday Musings

Happy Monday my friends! I hope you are well and enjoyed a good weekend. I surely did!  I am giving myself a virtual pat on the back as I just completed

Monday Musings, February 27

Happy Happy Monday! I hope your weather is treating you well. We are luxuriating in an early Spring…I just hope Mother Nature isn’t planning a major ‘bait and switch’ on us. 

Knit a Blanket with Diagonal Basket Weave Stitch

Remember a while back when I was all heart-eyes 😍 about this Diagonal Basket Weave Washcloth? At that time, I was was all set to knit a blanket using that pattern. Well,

Orange Marmalade

It is a lovely quirk of nature that the sunniest fruit are at their sweetest and juiciest in winter. And that my friends, is a very good thing. When all