Laundry Room One Room Challenge : Week 4

Week 4 of the One Room Challenge : Mixing Silver & Gold and Making Art in the Laundry Room Holy Mackerel! I’m coming in just under the wire on this

Laundry Room One Room Challenge-Week 3

Howdy friends.  We are enjoying some BE.U.TI.FUL spring weather here in southeastern North Carolina and I sincerely hope Mother Nature is sharing some of this bounty with you, wherever you

Laundry Room ORC: DIY Refinish Countertops

After my spur of the moment decision to enter into Calling It Home’s One Room Challenge last week, I got down to the business of planning and starting the re-do of

One Room Challenge : Laundry Room

Kismet (\kiz-met) : fate, a power that is believed to control what happens in the future Do you believe in kismet?  I am a firm believer; in fact, ‘kismet’ is one

Bedroom Ideas: From Tween to Teen Room

I’ve been posting over the past 2 months the projects that have been bits and pieces of Kate’s new bedroom. This has been a fun project for us to do

Paper Mache Ram Trophy Head: The Glam Ram

With the progression of posts featuring the redecorating of Kate’s room, you are getting a  glimpse into the quagmire that the projects in my world seem to fall into from time

A Passel of Pretty, Fancy Shmancy DIY Pillows

Hello friends!  Hoping your year is off to a good start.  The new year in our home has been…very busy!  We have rid our house of 1/2 a ton of

Up-Cycle a Bench: from Glum to Glam

Hi Friends, I hope you are having success with your Unclutter Your Nest Boot Camp!  We are lean, mean uncluttering machines in this house.  But, we’ve also been making time