Savory Onion Jam

This Savory Onion Jam is the perfect condiment for sandwiches, pizzas and on your meat and cheese platter. I’ve mentioned my stint working at Williams-Sonoma last year.  While it was

Why You Should Can Your Own Soups and Stocks

Canning, like any other skill, takes a little education and a lot of common sense.  Most people are intimidated by stories they’ve heard about exploding canners and botulism.  The pressure

Tools Necessary for Safely Canning and Preserving Foods

I discovered the satisfaction of canning soups, stocks, fruits and vegetables several years ago in attempt to take more control over what went in to my family’s bodies.  First it

Nourishing Chicken Stock: Make Your Own

Several times a year I set aside a couple of days to make and can chicken stock and bone broth.  Granted, the canning part is a bit time consuming, but