9 Leftover Chicken Recipes

There is nothing quite so warming to the soul and body than a roasted chicken (unless you are a chicken of course).  The aroma of a roasting chicken is almost as

Gold Medallion Pillows DIY

We all have them…those times in our lives when our carefully considered and thought out plans are tossed about like pool floats in the ocean, specifically an ocean under assault

Monday Musings, May 22

Happy Monday Morning my friends. I am sitting in the Columbus, Ohio airport this morning as I begin my return home from a lovely weekend of attending my nephew’s high

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Hipster Dad

Are you struggling to find gift ideas for that hipster man in your life? Or maybe that tech-loving dad? How about the dad that sees the perfect day one in

Lemon Rosemary Scones Recipe

These Lemon Rosemary Scones are the perfect breakfast/tea treat…or dessert for that matter. The scones are just barely sweet, perfectly tangy with lemon and then…then there’s that hint of piney freshness

Monday Musings, May 15

Happy Monday my Friends.  I am coming off of a wonderful weekend; I did nothing, made no decisions; cooked no meals but did enjoy the company and undying devotion of

Compost: How to Make it and Use it

  Do You Compost? …and just like that I’m all up  in your personal business! But we’re all friends here, so I hope I haven’t gone too far and that it’s O.K.

The EASIEST DIY Moss Balls

I am so tickled with these little moss balls…and yes, it’s entirely possible that I have a moss problem. I just can’t seem to get enough of the spring-y green plant

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