Make Art with a Meaning

I confess, I do like to have pretty things to look at in my home. I can be all minimal in my wardrobe, my makeup and my groceries; but this

Favorite Artists and their Art

Hi friends, I am sharing some of my favorite artists and their art with you today. I think we all like to be surrounded  by our version of ‘pretty things’. My

Week 6 ORC: The Final Reveal!

Well my friends, I made it. I may be gasping as I cross the finish line, there may be unidentified odors emanating from my refrigerator, which is shocking since there is

Make an Abstract Painting: Easy DIY Art!

Even if you don’t have much experience in painting, I am confident that you can make art. You can easily Make an Abstract Painting, which is a great place to start…there is

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

In the off chance you haven’t been checking your calendar, Mother’s Day is right around the corner. But don’t panic, I’m here to tell you that you have plenty of

Photography : Looking for Light

Hello friends!  I know you are typically used to seeing all sorts of projects or recipe happening here, but I’m stepping off of my ‘already scheduled’ programming and going in

Make Art #2

I’m back with my ongoing encouragement to ‘Make Art’ that makes you happy and fills a void in your home.  What I like about painting, or making art in general,