Week 2 ORC Update: A POP of Coral

“Move Along…Nothing to See Here!” That’s a bit how I feel with the progress on my office this week. Two birthdays (with a third tomorrow) and a Hurricane have not

DIY Coasters & Trivets using Turk’s Head Knot

So, I think the official definition of a ‘crafter’ or ‘DIY-er’ must somewhere contain reference to the fact that we are prone to see something somewhere and say to ourselves,

A Comparison of Metallic Spray Paints

As I’ve said before, I’m all about using paint to accommodate my changeable decorating whims.  Spray paint is the most immediately gratifying of the paint mediums.  However, when I was

Knitting the Sweetest Baby Blanket

    Without me telling you the exact number, you know I’m of ‘a certain age’ when my friends are starting to welcome grand-babies in to their world. How absolutely