Updating a Breakfast Nook Chandelier

We have been in our current home, which we designed and built, for 11 years.  It was the first house we ever built and while there are things I would change about it, there are many features that I really love.  That being said, we are planning on putting it on the market in a couple of months.  With one of my fledglings leaving the nest for college in 2 months and the other not that far behind, its time for us to downsize.  We will stay in this area, we just want something smaller, with a smaller yard and without a swimming pool.  With the prospect of putting it on the market, we’ve been spiffy-ing it up over the past several months.  Luckily, our ‘spiffy-ing’ coincides nicely with having it party ready for the graduation shindig we’ll be hosting this weekend.chandelier before

So often, we become used to our environment looking the way it does that we really don’t see it.  My breakfast nook chandelier is a perfect example. Kate and I were doing a little party planning layout this weekend and in doing so, noticed that the shades on the chandelier were a little dusty, so I took the shades off to dust them.  When they were all off, I realized that I really liked the fixture better without the shades which, I think, dated the fixture.  Truthfully, if we were planning on staying here, I’d probably look to replace the whole fixture to something a little more contemporary, but I’ll let the new owners put up something that suits their tastes. 

chandelier without shade

I looked at several images on Google for black chandeliers and where mine has a black ‘candle’ base under the light bulbs, most of the images I was drawn to had off-white/white ‘candle’ bases.  


Progress Lighting 5-Light Chandelier, Textured Black




Easy fix.  I removed the ‘candle bases’ and spray painted them off-white.  I used Krylon Colormaster Paint and Primer in Ivoryto get a good coverage over the black . I also opted to replace all the bulbs with straight tip bulbs.  It’s a subtle change, but I do think it freshened up the fixture a wee bit.  

chandelier after

This little exercise has nudged me to take a fresh look at many other existing features of our home to see what can be ‘spiffed-up’ a little bit.  

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