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canning and preserving recipes and tipsI started canning and preserving 10 years ago as a way to better control what my family put into our bodies.

I started with simple jams and jellies and worked my way up to canning stock, broths, soups and sauces. By making soups and broths, we were able to avoid the added sodium and the BPA in can liners.

And now, canning and preserving have turned into somewhat of an art for me.  While I don’t experiment enough to alter the chemistry, for health safety reasons, I do enjoy playing with added spices and flavors, particularly in my jams and preserves.

About twice a year, I fill my two crockpots with chicken wings and saved chicken carcasses and let the slow heat work it’s magic, to create a nourishing and delicious chicken stock. After making the broth, I then put the bones back through another 24 hours of slow cooking to make bone broth.

In between those two big canning events, I often put up small-batches of any variety of jams or preserves. After several years, I have figured out that I can put up a small-batch of jams or preserves in less time than it takes me to bake a batch of cookies.