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Monday Musings

by , on
Dec 11, 2016

 Happy Monday Friends! I hope it's a good start of the week in your world. Our weekend was the perfect mix of family down time and friend time, football watching and church going, baking and eating. Wow…in retrospect I got a good deal done!

We are counting the days until our ‘little girl' comes home from school this Friday for her Christmas break. I can't wait to have her home for a bit. We'll crank up the Christmas music, do some more baking and wrap presents. I don't know who is more excited, me or her!

So, here's a few of the great ideas that caught my eye this week.

Next year, I'm getting some 3D Christmas cookie cutters like Lisa from Celebrate Creativity did. Her reindeer, sleigh and trees are just about the cutest thing I've seen in a while.reindeer-for-graphic

It makes me a bit sad (and a tad ashamed) to admit that it's been too long since I dove in to a good book. Thank heavens Pure Wow published a list of great books. I have read some of them and have added a couple of these books to my queue at the library.

This gingerbread villagevibeke-gingerbread-village

Umm…where do I start…that mirror, the writing on the mirror, the pillows…Victoria Elizabeth Barnes  has it going on. And if that wasn't already enough, her irreverent and hilarious banter will keep you entertained for hours.write-on-a-mirror-with-gold-script

Is it just me, or does meal planning fall off during the holidays? My friend Chellie and her posse are providing a week's worth of recipe every Friday. Now I have no excuse.weekly-meal-plan-dec-wk-2-602x1024

And Julie Blanner has a very simple trick to preserve your boxwood wreaths!how-to-preserve-boxwood

In closing, here's a little quote to keep in mind this week.


Sending you wishes for a productive week, sprinkled heavily with time with friends and moments of peace to soak the season up.





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