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Monday Musings, April 23

by , on
Apr 30, 2018

Thanks for making my day by SHARING!!

Well, hello there my long lost Nestler friends! It’s been a month since we were able to get together for a little Monday Musing and I’ve missed you all!

Suffice it to say that my regular schedule has been overtaken by events outside of my control.  And truthfully, it’s going to be some time before I am fully in charge of my schedule again.

In fact, I’ve pretty much surrendered to life and her twists and turns for the next several months.  And that’s OK…sometimes you just have to hold on tight for the ride…right?

We are being a bit more aggressive in trying to get our home sold, which has resulted in more showings..yay. Twice in the past week we had a request for a showing in 15 minutes! Who does that? They clearly don’t know that a teen boy also inhabits this home and that it takes much longer than 15 minutes to reclaim space from a teen boy!

Once we sell this home we will be moving into the home that we just helped my parents move out of…like I said…it’s been busy.

The internet offered up some great information this week:

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The VERY BEST Margarita recipe

Great Tips from Our Readers:

Lesley had another great suggestion to keep produce fresh

I have a tip for celery: when you bring it home, wrap it in a dampened paper towel, then wrap it in aluminum foil. It will keep fresh for a couple of weeks!


Go out and make it a great day my friends!



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