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Monday Musings, April 24

by , on
Apr 24, 2017

Thanks for making my day by SHARING!!

Good Monday Morning my friends.

Here’s the rhetorical question that has been nagging me for the past several weeks; Why do we wait to do all the things we want to or need to do around our home just in time to put it on the market, instead of doing them in time to enjoy them ourselves!?

Regardless of the answer, that’s where we are at Casa Spencer. Which then perfectly explains how I spent my weekend.

I hope your weekend was equally productive and relaxing.  Did you have a ‘do nothing’ ‘do nothing’ weekend?

As you gear up for this week, here are some milestones that occurred on this date. Given the historical significance of these events, this is clearly an auspicious day…you are clearly destined for great things today! First off, the Greeks entered Troy using their Trojan Horse on this day in 1184 BC!  The US Library of Congress was established in 1800 and Winston Churchill was knighted in 1953.

But perhaps the most significant harbinger of the significance of this date in history happened in 1909 when Harry Hillman and Lawson Robertson ran their 100m 3-legged race in a mere 11 seconds!

With these encouraging anecdotes in your back pocket, I hope you make it a great week!


I truly do appreciate what technology has done for us. Its advent has been a mostly good thing; though I think we would all agree that it has come with it’s fair share of challenges. However, the demise of hand-written notes and cards really does tug at my heart; opening a hand-written note or thank-you note speaks so much. I have been quite militant with my children about hand writing thank-you notes; if someone takes the time to buy, wrap and send you something, surely you can take the time to sit down and hand write a note of thanks to them. Given my love of a hand-written note, you can surely understand why these beautiful envelopes caught my eye. Wouldn’t you love to be the recipient!? A little work of art in your mailbox!

Are you done with your Spring Cleaning? Well, that’s a dumb question…we are never done, are we? So,  this 3-part series by Anna at Ask Anna is timely. She has taken the list of the dirtiest places in our home and explains how to clean them.

This Springtime Cobb Salad needs to get made…like tonight. Avocado AND Artichokes AND Bacon? Done!

And once you’ve cleaned all those dirty spaces, you surely need to reward yourself…right? I’m all about treating myself when I’ve accomplished a tough and dirty task. This French Style Coconut Parfait by my friend Chellie would be the perfect reward. (And the video she created with it’s charming ‘Parisian-Bistro’ soundtrack is just perfect!)


Well friends, have a fantastic week. I’ll be popping back into your email in a couple of days with some great recipes for next week’s Cinco de Mayo!








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