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Hello there friends and Happy Monday! Wow, it seems like just yesterday it was Sunday! (OK, a poor attempt at humor!) We went out to dinner and to a movie (Patriot's Day) with friends and caught up on ‘stuff' around the house. How about you? Was it a good weekend in your world?

I am pretty darned excited because Homeland (season 6), The Young Pope (HBO) and Queen Victoria (on Masterpiece) all started last night! O Happy Day! My television queue has  been woefully short lately and so now I can breathe a deep sigh of relief that it will start to fill back up. And for all your Homelanders out there…any chance Quinn is still alive? I've got a bit of crush on him, but that's OK because Terry has a bit of man-crush on him too.

And those of you who are decluttering along with my gal pals and me from No Place Like Home, don't forget to pop over and enter to win the $150 gift card from The Container Store! Here's the link to the most recent post…the entry form is at the bottom of the page.

OK, on to my discoveries from the World Wide Web this week…

  • I am not a big drinker, a glass (or 2) of wine when I'm cooking and/or eating dinner is usually all I consume. But, once or twice a year Terry and I try to go dry for a month…it fits in with the whole declutter/clean house/make resolutions/be healthier mood we're in right now and it's good to break that habit every once in a while… just because. I find that I can ‘trick' myself even by just drinking seltzer water out of wine glass during the first couple days of this challenge. Adding lemon, lime or cucumber to my seltzer water helps even more. But, I may just really pull out all the stops and try  this mocktail recipe that Camille has come up with for her Dry January series. 


  • Need a quick(ish) knit blanket pattern? This is a fun idea.


  • And while we're talking knitting…I am not usually a hat wearer, but I think I would wear this…complete with little (fake) fur pom!


  • Ever wonder what you could do with all those little silica gel packages that come in your vitamin bottles or with some electronics? Well…here you go.


  • Are you going to have a Super Bowl Party this year? Robin and Ed have some great ideas to host that party on a budge. FYI, the date of the Super Bowl is February 5!



  • OK, I'm not really superstitious, but I will definitely be removing the dead plant I have sitting in the window in my shower. I put it there while it was still barely alive, in the hopes that the steam and light would give it the extra boost it needed. But now I think it needs to go…Buh Bye.

And there you have it my friends…a round up of both curious and useful tidbits I've gathered this past week. 

Wishing you a week filled with all good things.



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