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Monday Musings, July 10

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Jul 10, 2017

Thanks for making my day by SHARING!!

Happy Day My Friends! Hope you are starting your work week after a delightfully lazy or satisfyingly productive weekend…whichever one was best for you. After a busy couple of weeks, I was pretty thrilled with our delightfully lazy weekend.

In fact, I’m hard pressed to figure out what we did! Must’ve been a good one.

Are you familiar with Kyle Maynard? Kyle was born with arms that ended at his elbows and legs that ended near his knees.  Despite these perceived disabilities, Kyle has accomplished athletic achievements that most fully-limbed folks can only dream of.  His interview with Tim Ferriss is pure listening goodness.

This is some good guidance to avoid over-eating.

This post about listening to your heart resonated with me.

It’s Cherry season! Here’s a handy tip on pitting your cherries.

And once you have them pitted, you can’t beat a cherry pie.

Is your freezer looking a little like mine…as in, is it…well…kindly put…a hot mess…in a frozen kind of way? Some great tips for organizing your freezer here.

I am one of those lucky folks who can pass within 20 feet of a poison ivy plant and end up with a rash from head to toe. My go-to tip to deal with the itching of poison ivy is to run the hottest water you can stand over the rash. It seems to bring all the histamines to the top and I then have hours of relief. Here are a list of some other other natural poison ivy remedies.

As much as I reveled in my delightfully lazy weekend I fear it has set the stage for a dizzingly chaotic week as I prepare for being out of town most of the next 2 weeks. I have all sorts of plans of great things to share with you, but…well…we’ll see.?

Thanks again for spending a few minutes of your busy day with me today. Know that you are appreciated and that I welcome each and every comment that comes my way.

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