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Monday Musings, July 3

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Jul 3, 2017

Thanks for making my day by SHARING!!

Happy  Fourth of July Eve my friends! We will be heading over to my parents this evening for their traditional ‘Third of July’ Party complete with neighborhood fireworks (yes, on the 3rd) and good food. We will all be at my home tomorrow for burgers and more fireworks. The two men (or should I call them boys?) in my home have procured their fireworks arsenal and really do put on quite a show.

We are just back from our quick trip to Las Vegas. Note to self…going to Las Vegas at the end of June is not the smartest play.  It was well over 100° each day and the whole “but it’s a dry heat…’ thing? Yeah, when it’s over 100° it really doesn’t matter in my book.

So my take on Las Vegas? Well, I have mixed thoughts. On the downside…I’m not a smoker and it seemed like EVERYONE THERE WAS and…well…the heat.

On the upside…we saw a FANTASTIC show…Cirque du Soleil’s the Beatle’s Love show was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen.  Loved every second of it and Terry scored us some incredible seats.

We drove out to see Hoover Dam which was right impressive. Just the setting of Lake Mead in the middle of the dessert is a site to behold.

And it seems like everything we ate was fantastic…though it was pricey. Have you ever been to Tao? Superb Asian food in a spectacular setting.  We checked their website and they have restaurants in NYC, Las Vegas and Sydney, Australia. So…I’m guessing we won’t be getting one in Wilmington, NC anytime soon…Bummer. BUT…if you are in any of those 3 cities and you like Asian food…you must go.

My son’s take on it pretty much summed it up…he just kept saying, ‘everything here is so…EXTRA and EXCESS’. I mean, a replication of the canals of Venice in the Venetian hotel? Complete with the gondolas and gondoliers? Yup…’nuff said. But they did have good gelato!

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So, the internet was a plethora of good ideas this week…

Probably a good time to know the etiquette of displaying the American Flag.

In the off  chance you still haven’t figured out your dessert for tomorrow’s festivities and need some ideas, I’m making this cake.

And if you feel the need to up your Fourth of July decorating game last minute, here are some great DIY ideas.

Are you a fan of Prime Suspect on PBS? I’m thrilled that they are running the prequel, showing Helen Mirren’s character Jane Tennison as a rookie. Grabbing my knitting needles and camping out for this one.

Setting my course for some mini-missions this week; I need to do something to get more productive.

I listened to an interview with Sebastian Junger this weekend which prompted me to put his book Tribe on hold at our public library. He’s a thought-provoking and interesting man with some incredible life experiences.  While I’ve always known him as an author (The Perfect Storm) and war-time correspondent, I didn’t know of his education in Anthropology which gives him an interesting perspective on all that he has witnessed.

Since it’s pretty likely there will be some grilling going on, how about a handy meat temperature guide.

Well, that ought to keep you occupied for a bit! I’ll be back on Wednesday with my tips for easy and delicious refrigerator dill pickles!

Oh, and I’m starting a new monthly series…On the first Friday of each month I’ll be bringing you Five Tips Fridays…just little tips and tricks I’ve come across to make the days run a tad easier, smoother or cheaper! I am ALWAYS looking for more tips and tricks, so if you have a tip or two that make your life more efficient or that save you money, please send them my way!

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  1. Mary

    July 3, 2017 at 11:42 am

    Have a lovely time at the Fourth of July eve party Lynn. I also see you had a good time in Vegas… Why you could have come over here and enjoyed those same temps and even more… we had 108 yesterday!

  2. Tammy

    July 3, 2017 at 12:26 pm

    Hope you have a fabulous July 4th celebration! Love your parents tradition of celebrating on the 3rd!


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