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Monday Musings, June 4

by , on
Jun 4, 2018

Thanks for making my day by SHARING!!

Happy Monday Lovelies!

This week marks the beginning of a wild summer in our home. It’s all good and wonderful stuff; but sometimes don’t you wish you could spread out the ‘good and wonderful’ over a year instead of 2 months? 

Over the next 2 months we will: graduate one child from high school, travel from our home in North Carolina across the country to Seattle and Vancouver, BC for a little family vacay, meet up with the rest of our family in Alaska (been on my dad’s bucket list forever) for a week to celebrate my parent’s 60th anniversary, travel to NYC to settle our daughter in for her summer internship, travel back to the West Coast for our nephew’s wedding, travel back to NYC for a girl’s weekend with my sister-in-law and niece, take our son to his college orientation in North Carolina, travel back to NYC to pick up our daughter and her ‘stuff’ from her internship and then move our son into college!

By no means am I complaining, trust me…like I said, it’s ALL good stuff. But I’m trying to wrap my head around it all and make sure that we don’t drop a ball, or a family member, somewhere.

And truthfully, once we drop our son off at school in August, I imagine we will come home and sleep for ages.

Terry asked me if I wanted to go somewhere special to celebrate our ’empty nesthood’…I looked at him like he had 3 heads…are you kidding me!? After that summer I just want to sit at home with my 4-legged babies…and nest and knit.

We have gone over our travel plans with a fine tooth comb, and we THINK we have everything nailed down…but…you never know.

I’m not sure how much I’ll be blogging over the next 2 months, but I will at least share some of the photos from Alaska at some point. Although I consider myself fairly well-travelled, I have never been to the Pacific Northwest, let alone Alaska! Between you and me, my biggest goal is to see some whales! We are all so very excited.

In addition to my parent’s anniversary, we will be celebrating our 32nd anniversary and Father’s Day while we are in Alaska. Not sure we’ll be doing any grilling, but for those of you whose Dads love a great burger, this tried and true burger seasoning is one of our favorites.

So, what did the internet offer up this week?

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So there you have it my friends.

I am off to finish packing, attend a graduation and head west! Hope your week is great and we’ll chat soon.





  1. Gail

    June 4, 2018 at 1:57 pm

    Enjoy your summer. Sounds perfect……family and travel.

  2. Lisa Jackson

    June 4, 2018 at 3:23 pm

    Can’t wait for your stories of your adventurous summer, when you recover in the fall! Best wishes and safe travels to you and yours, and hugs while you may have some misty moments once your children are out of the house.
    Meanwhile, in Wisconsin, I’m going to be trying out some of your garden cocktails this summer..

    • lynn

      June 5, 2018 at 1:32 pm

      Hey there Lisa!

      I am so very much looking forward to everything! The good news is that while I might get a little misty with the empty nest, I will probably be too exhausted to notice! And neither one of them will be too far away…2-4 hours.

      Do enjoy one of those yummy cocktails! We can vicariously ‘cheers’ each other as I pass over Wisconsin on Saturday!

      Have a lovely summer my friend.

      Hugs, Lynn

  3. Carol

    June 4, 2018 at 10:49 pm

    Wow Lynn, talk about a jet-set lifestyle! I’m actually leaving this Tuesday, June 5 to fly to Texas. I’ll be spending lots of time in their pool, but will be meeting up with some bloggers from TX. We’ve been to Vancouver and love the city and surrounding area. We stayed right in the heart of the city at a quaint B&B and walked everywhere. And you will fall in love with Alaska. We saw so much gorgeous scenery and nature in action when we were there. Enjoy all your travels and have a fun time with family!

    • lynn

      June 5, 2018 at 1:21 pm

      It will surely be fun…but I’m already feeling exhausted before we even start! Have a wonderful time in TX my friend!

      Hugs, Lynn


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