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Monday Musings, June 5

by , on
Jun 5, 2017

Happy Monday My Friends!

We did a little gardening and a lot of relaxing this weekend. 

We harvested most of our garlic and our shallots, though it looks like we jumped the gun on the shallots…they are just a wee bit on the small side.

Since we live in the humid South, finding a good dry place to lay our garlic and shallots to dry is a bit of a challenge. So, they are all lined up on trays in my basement right now…nothing says ‘lovely home aroma' like the waft of garlic.

If you are getting ready to harvest your garlic, check out this post that lays out the specifics of harvesting and storing garlic.

So what's new around the web?

I would really like to get to NYC before October to see this event at the Botanical Garden.

Are you confounded by folding fitted sheets? Here's a video showing how to do it efficiently and effectively.

The official start of summer is still a few weeks away, but it's a good time to do a little maintenance to prepare your home for the warmer weather.

Need a smile this Monday morning? Check out these photos

Yeah, my ‘self discipline muscle' is a little flabby…hope I have the discipline to commit to this ?

When summertime comes around, I do enjoy switching my regular Chardonnay with some Rose…it's the perfect summer wine.  We are getting an Aldi real soon, so this might be one of my first purchase.

There you have it friends…a few little tidbits to get your week off to a good start.

Wishing you a Marvelous Monday, a Terrific Tuesday, a Wonderful Wednesday, a Tremendous Thursday and a Fantastic Friday…and then it's the weekend…and I'll see you again next Monday!

Many hugs,


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