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Monday Musings, March 12

by , on
Mar 12, 2018

Hey there friends! Hope it's a good day in your corner of the world.

We are a happy house…our daughter is home from school for a couple of days so the band is back together! The days when all 4 of us are together are fleeting…so we are soaking them up. Not to rub it in to those of you buried under X feet of snow…but we were able to enjoy a lovely walk on the beach Sunday afternoon.

I'm looking forward to spending some time shopping, cooking and just hanging out with my beautiful girl before she has to head back to school later this week. Think we might also squeeze in a little spa activity as well!!!

In other news…my Meyer Lemon Grove is coming along nicely!

Not only do we have Pi Day (3.14…..) this week, but St. Patrick's Day is on Saturday.  Holy Cow…

So, on Wednesday (3/14), it has been mandated that any pies that are consumed will have ZERO calories…so…you may need this post on mini-pies.

And on Saturday, you will surely want to make this Shamrock shake from my friend Chellie.  I have such fond memories of McDonald's Shamrock shakes when I was in elementary school…they were such a treat!

Yesterday we opened and opened several jars of jam and marmalade…wish I had this toasting bread on hand to slather them over.

58 Random Acts of Kindness.

This was an interesting read on the slippery slope of chasing the wrong things.

A hearty (and budget-friendly) soup.


Have a fantastic week my friends. Wishing warmer weather for my snow-bound friends.




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  1. Carole

    March 12, 2018 at 10:19 am

    Enjoy that family time, I bet you will be cooking up some wonderful tasty treats. Holy cow is right…. these days and months are just ticking by too quick.


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