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Thanks for making my day by SHARING!!

Hey there friends…no need for panic, but do you hear that little ticking in the background? Yup, Thanksgiving is 2 weeks from this Thursday. I know what you’re thinking …”Now how in the heck did that happen?

With that in mind, this Thanksgiving menu maker might come in handy.

How about a little healthier, less bad version of caramel corn? Ooooh, this sounds so good at 8 a.m. on a Monday.

Time to switch out your bedding, which means it also time to clean your bedding. For those of us getting out our down comforters, some handy tips here.

Which then got me thinking…“I need to make some of those dryer balls”

If you are already starting to think ahead to Christmas, this tree shelf looks like a fun project!

How’s your jewelry? Is it a tangled mess? Some great ideas for keeping it organized.

Well my friends, I’m off to the store to pick up some items for some of my projects. I’ll catch up with you on Wednesday. Until then, enjoy the day.


Many hugs,








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