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May you Fall in love with October and all the beauty it brings,

May your life be as colorful as the turning of the leaves,

On each blessed autumn day.

― Charmaine J. Forde

Can you EVEN believe it is October 1?  Wow!

So, just to make sure we are on the same page, that means Thanksgiving is 7 1/2 week away and 12 weeks from today…is…wait for it…Christmas Eve!

Ummm…seems we may have skipped a few weeks or months along the way, I mean…seriously?

When we last ‘chatted’ we hadn’t made it home after the hurricane that devastated our hometown of Wilmington, NC, and the surrounding areas.  It took us a few days more, but we did finally make it home a week after the hurricane; so many roads were flooded and washed away and we witnessed too many homes and business fully devastated by the flood waters.

We arrived home to find our home intact, with only minor wind and water damage, and a yard filled with branches, downed trees, sticks, and leaves.  We spent the better part of the next 4 days cleaning our yard and stacking the debris in front of our house…at some point, the debris will be picked up.

But once again, only yard debris is piled at the end of our driveway; too many of our fellow North Carolinians have had to pile much of their furniture and possessions, damaged by the flood, at the end of their driveway.

Our town is being blessed by an army of good Samaritans and before long, we will be back. Thanks for all the well wishes you all have sent our way.

All that being said, I am trying to resume life as ‘normal’, so let’s dive into the offerings from the internet this week.

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I LOVE this story!

If this Olive Oil Honey Cakes taste half as good as it looks…

This was an interesting sleep study.

5 outrageously delicious things you can make in your microwave

A Fall staple in our house.Pumpkin Cheeecake Bars...perfect dessert for fall.

Fun Halloween Project...and now you’ll know the words to the song, “the hip bone’s connected to the…”

One of our all-time favorite recipes…This Beef Shank and Sausage Ragu.  Enjoyed it tonight and looking forward to all the leftovers. Well worth the effort.

Need some fall centerpiece inspiration? Some great faux ideas here.

JUST FINISHED READING: The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane and so enjoyed it. Not only was a it a lovely read, but, I also learned so much about the culture of the Akha people of China, as well as Pu’er Tea. I have been a green tea drinker for years but just ordered this Pu’er Tea. It’s tasty, earthy with a hint of apricot, and the tea can be rebrewed numerous times, mildly changing its flavor each successive brew.

ON MY NIGHTSTAND NOW: Two books ago I rediscovered Jodi Picoult after a ‘too long’ hiatus and am now enjoying her Picture Perfect. I read the flap, so I know ultimately what it will be about, but she is slowly spinning the tale in perfect Jodi Picoult style.

Thanks again for spending a few minutes of your busy day with me today.

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