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Thanks for making my day by SHARING!!

Happy Monday my friends.

I do hope you are coming off of a good weekend.  After a busy couple of weeks, this was a relatively quiet weekend.

I broke a toe several weeks ago and it would appear that it’s not going to heal if I’m constantly on the go. So…3 weeks in I’ve brilliantly figured out that I need to get off of it…so that’s what I did this weekend. Which worked out pretty well for me since I couldn’t do any yardwork.  I like the way that worked out!

I had a such a good time last week with my ‘be the good’ campaign.  I absolutely LOVED surprising random folks with candy bars…their reactions made my heart sing! After I gifted one security guard, he asked if I had a dog to which I responded ‘yup’. He then reached into his backpack and produced several bags of homemade dog treats for me to give to Flora.

At first, the sheriff deputies directing traffic weren’t sure what to do when I pulled up and handed them treats. Then they broke in to smiles!

I was watching out the window when the young men who pick up our trash spied their treat.  They kept looking around for guidance, their body language said, ‘is this for us?’

It’s the ripples…

How about you…I’d love to hear some of your experiences with random kindnesses.

On to the world wide web…

Looking for some great fall landscape ideas? These plant color combinations are making me want to get out and add some fall color to my garden.

I am a sucker for cookbooks. Despite the fact that I find many recipes on line, I love nothing more than to sit with a cup of tea and browse through cookbooks. This roundup from Epicurious of Fall 2017 Cookbooks has me compiling my list.

My friend Sherry has a tutorial on making felted knit bags…now this is something I haven’t attempted yet.

Oh. my. heavens…Brown Butter Bourbon Caramel Apples.

And, isn’t fall a great time for an outdoor movie?  My friend Joy shows how to make an outdoor movie screen. It would appear that I have several very creative friends. Hey, you could eat those caramel apples while watching a great flick under the stars…bliss.

Ann from On Sutton Place shows how to make a lovely Eucalyptus garland.

Go out and have a great day and make some beautiful memories.




  1. Juanita

    September 18, 2017 at 10:43 am

    Shake hands with a fellow cookbook hoarder. I have even taken recipes off line and made my own cookbooks. I read them like most people would a novel. And as for it being fall I wouldn’t mind if fall was twelve months long. I simply love the smell, color and taste of fall.

    • lynn

      September 18, 2017 at 12:27 pm

      I knew I liked you Juanita! I always ask for a cookbook for Christmas and my MOST FAVORITE thing to do is to sit there, with the fire blazing and wrappings all over the floor and just spend a couple of hours browsing and planning meals.
      And I also agree with you on the Fall thing…it just seems such much calmer than the craziness of summer.
      Have a great day my friend…
      Hug, Lynn

  2. Sue C

    September 18, 2017 at 11:44 am

    Hi Lynn. You just brightened my Monday morning with your post. Yummy pictures and thoughts about fall . . . my favorite season. I started a random act of kindness tradition on my 60th birthday. Biggest smiles came from people on line behind me at a Seven Eleven when I handed each of them a lottery ticket. 🙂 Happy week to you and your readers.

    • lynn

      September 18, 2017 at 12:31 pm

      And now you just brightened mine Sue! I love that you started your own random acts of kindness…do you do it every birthday? It is amazing how such a simple gesture can make a big difference.
      Enjoy this fall Sue and have a fantastic day.
      Many hugs…Lynn


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