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This post has been sponsored by Parrot Uncle, an on-line lighting store but all opinions are mine.

Terry and I designed and built our home 12 years ago.  We've raised our family here and have made many memories here.  It's a ‘personalized' home in that we raised the counters in the kitchen and bathroom to accommodate the ‘tallness' of our family.  I have my own little ‘office/craft' happy place right off of the kitchen and Terry has his office up over the garage.  We have a very functional mudroom that is the primary entry and exit of the house.  It's an informal home, matching our very informal lifestyle and has served our needs well. However, it is a rather large home and we are ready to downsize.  Kate is off in college and Rob will be heading that way soon.  

To that end, we plan on listing the house this upcoming spring and finding something that still fits our lifestyle, but will be a good bit smaller.  We've been talking about this for several months, but just haven't yet mustered the motivation to do what we need to do to put it on the market.  There is nothing major that needs to be done, just a little polishing here and there.  

I've been doing some research on what minor improvements/updates we should make to make the house show the best possible.  I came across a couple of lists of suggested improvements ,but there are some that seemed to be included on most lists.  I've broken them down into things we can do indoors over the winter and those that we'll do in once it starts to warm up outside.

Selling your house this Spring? Winter to-do list:

  • New Light and Plumbing Fixtures  Replace your outdated fixtures! This inexpensive improvement can help put a fresh face on older decor. 

I'm not inclined to get new plumbing fixtures, but have been looking at some new light fixture options.  There are a couple of our light fixtures and a fan that are definitely dated.  Something that sticks in my craw is when you sell a house, you get it all spiffy with all the new stuff and then you sell it.  To that end, I want to get some fixtures that  I can enjoy for however long we have left in this home.  

  • Rob definitely needs a new fan in his room.  He's 16 years old and still has the ‘cute' baseball fan that we put up when we built the house.  I found this very cool, masculine fan at Parrot Uncle.  Rob likes contemporary over traditional and it's smaller size will work great in smaller room like a bedroom.  I like the sleek look and the small fan blades.  It's on the list of to-dos.  

Modern Mini Chrome Fan Glass Shade Pendant Light

After looking at all the many different types of fans offered, I got sucked into all the different types of lighting that Parrot Uncle has available.  It would appear that they have lighting and fans that will suit everyone's taste; from Parrot Uncle Vintage Lights to Tiffany Style to very contemporary and modern and everything in between.  They have a wide selection of lights and fans  for a child's room, as well as many styles of  lighting featuring different types of wood which is something I haven't seen elsewhere.  If we decide to change out the light in our breakfast nook, something like this might be just what I'm looking for, and there are some pendant lighting that I think would coordinate well.  The chic drum-shaped iron frame with linen mini-light shades seems to be a unique balance between the contemporary and traditional.  This fixture would add some sophistication to the breakfast nook.


We currently have 3 pendant lights over our kitchen island and these individual pendant lights would coordinate beautifully and carry the sophistication into the kitchen.  Once again, I really like that they are a little contemporary, but not enough that they will clash with my furnishings and decor, which are a rather eclectic blend of many styles.image_13806

And I'm kinda crushing on these Bronze Glass pendants too.  Aren't they pretty?  They would look fantastic over my kitchen island, or anyone's kitchen island for that matter!

When we built our house, it seem that, in retrospect, we treated our guest room as an afterthought.  This room has recently received a much deserved face lift with new paint, new bedding and new decor.  But the sorry little flush mount light is still up there.  A fixture like this one would really close the circle on the re-do of this room. The beige linen drum shade would tie in perfectly with the bedding in the room and combined with the brass hardware, will really add some warmth to the room. There is something very timeless about a drum shade, which I guess is why I was drawn to this one as well as the ones for the kitchen!image_13882

Parrot Uncle is a subsidiary corporation of Eileen Grays Network Technology CO., Ltd , a specialty retailer that offers a wide variety of lighting, from flush mount to chandeliers, free standing lamps to fans, from light bulbs to outdoor lighting. They are an on-line only store and have pages and pages of light fixtures and fans that seem well priced.  They currently have a sale going on through Christmas where their fixtures are 20-50% off regular prices.  And to sweeten the deal even more, shipping and return shipping are free when orders exceed $50.  

Other indoor home improvements we can tackle this winter:

  • Paint, Inside and Out  Fresh paint is the most cost-effective and profitable improvement you can make. Neutral colors are always recommended when marketing your home.  Benjamin Moore has an article listing their best selling neutrals and another about staging your home for sale with color.
  • New Flooring  Install new carpet, linoleum or tile and refinish hardwood floors if needed. 
  • Get a Home Inspection/Make Necessary Repairs  You will need a home inspection anyway, so it makes sense to go ahead and get it and make the recommended repairs.
  • DECLUTTER  Your ‘stuff' lying around everywhere can prevent a potential buyer form really ‘seeing' the house and envisioning what their furniture and possesions will look like in the house.  

I'll be tackling the Decluttering right after Christmas and hope that you'll join me in this chore/adventure.    We can virtually encourage and motivate each other!

Thanks so much for stopping by to visit today.  I really appreciate your company and hope you’ll stop by again soon.  If you want to make sure you don’t miss future content, pop your email in the beige box up on the right.  I usually send out 2 emails a week, so I won’t inundate your inbox. 


Until next time, 

Lynn Script






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