Apple Cider Muffins with Apple Filling

Not only does the apple filling take these muffins from delicious to decadent, but the sprinkling of cinnamon-sugar right out of the oven finishes them off perfectly.

Apple Muffins  with Filling

Reminiscent of apple-filled doughnuts, our Apple Cider Muffins with Apple Filling are a perfect fall muffin recipe or year-round treat. 

Fall Comfort

A dollop of spiced and buttery Apple Filling is what takes these Apple Cider Muffins from delicious to extra-special!

A Favorite Autumn Treat

Apple Filled Muffin recipe is just the latest treat to come from my kitchen recently and is a perfect for fall muffin recipe for gatherings with good friends.

I just can’t help myself! If it looks like an apple or smells like cinnamon, I am most likely baking something with it  right now!

I mean, one of these Apple Cider Muffins with a cup of tea or coffee and a couple of women could solve most of the world’s problems…AMIRIGHT?

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