Baked Beans  from Scratch

old-fashioned baked beans are ideal for a barbecue

smoky homemade baked beans

Imagine beans simmered until perfectly tender, infused with a robust, smoky sauce that’s sweet, savory, and tangy all at once.


dried beans & bacon

onion & garlic

tomato sauce

maple syrup

brown sugar & molasses

smoked paprika

worcestershire sauce

salt & dry mustard

ground black pepper


Cover the beans in water, boil and reduce heat. Meanwhile, saute the bacon.

Get Mixin'

Add in the chopped garlic and onions. Then begin the tomato sauce and all all the spices and liquids on the ingredient list.

Title 2

Whisk the tomato sauce, drain the beans (keeping the liquid) then stir in the tomato sauce and bacon mixture.

Add enough of the reserved liquid to cover the beans, then get ready to bake.

The best baked beans!

These old-fashioned baked beans are ideal for a barbecue, a comforting breakfast, or a warming dinner. It’s perfect as a hearty side dish but substantial enough to stand alone.

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