Chili Seasoning 

Chile Powder­ with mixed in additional spices to create a seasoning blend.



Ancho Chile Powder Chipotle Chile Powder Smoked Paprika Ground Cumin Garlic Powder Dried Oregano


Chile Powder Chili Seasoning

Chile Powder­ is  chile peppers that have been dried and ground into a powder. Chili Seasoning mixes in other spices to create a  blend.


Make your own seasoning blends so they are always in the pantry!


Seasoning Blends

Use Ancho Chile Powder

My chili powder recipe uses ancho chile powder which is dried and ground poblano peppers that are comfortably low on the Scoville scale

Turn Up the Heat

Cayenne powder has a Scoville score of 50,000  Habanero powder sits at a hot 150,000 Carolina reaper powder tops the chart at 1,500,000

Try it in delicious recipes like my    Turkey Chili



An easy DIY spice mix you can even jar and share as a handmade gift!

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