Container Garden Recipe # 2

Recipes for Stunning Containers using Trhillers, FIllers & Spillers

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"The warming of temperatures naturally forces your mind to consider how you will create your container gardens for this spring and summer."

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Large pots for your container garden idea? Fill at least a quarter of the way with gravel or bricks.  Need your pot to be lighter? Try empty water bottles with the lids on, or styrofoam.

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Recipe 1

Black Elephant Ears Wasabi or Green Lantern Coleus Coral Rose Diascia Black Magic Coleus Marguerite Sweet Potato Vine


Recipe 2

Dusty Miller Silver Dust Alternanthera 'Cognac' Petite Licorice Plant Serena Purple Angelonia Purple Verbena

Recipe 3

Strobilanthes- Persian Shield Oxalis 'Charmed Wine' Ragtime Sweet Potato Vine

Recipe 4

Recipe 4

Classic Red Geraniums Variegated Vinca Vines

Recipe 5

Recipe 5

Lobelia Rose and Red Verbena Marigolds Salvia Red Geraniums Creeping Jenny

This time of year we are all trying to get our yards, gardens, decks, and patios in tip-top shape for the summer months. Join me for the next container garden recipes!

More Recipes to come

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