Container Garden Recipe # 4

Recipes for Stunning Containers using Trhillers, FIllers & Spillers

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"Start with the Container Gardening 101 post  for Thrillers, Fillers, and Spillers. Then  Container Garden Recipes #1, Recipes #2, and  Recipes #3.

Start your garden

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Remember to find the balance between watering for plants in the gound, and for those in pots.

Recipe 1

Colorblaze® Strawberry Drop Coleus Boldly Hot Pink Geranium Creeping Jenny

Recipe 2

Gingerland Caladium Moonlight Caladium White Christmas Caladium Creeping Jenny

Recipe 3

False Cypress Purple Dead Nettle Bethlehem Lungwort Snapdragon

Recipe 4

Privet Topiary Light Purple Petunia Supertunia Bordeaux White Scaveola Honey Cluster Penta Pink Mandevilla

This time of year we are all trying to get our yards, gardens, decks, and patios in tip-top shape for the summer months. Join me for the next container garden recipes!

More Recipes to come

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