Container Gardening 101

Recipes for Stunning Containers using Trhillers, FIllers & Spillers

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"Thanks for the great tips. I still have a few planters left to fill and I am going to try your tips. I always wondered if there was a recipe that would helped in creating one ."

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Learn about Thrillers, Fillers & Spillers

The ‘Thriller Plant’ of your container will be that plant that is as its name implies…the real standout of your container garden.

Recipe 1

In this pot, the thriller is the Golden Mop Cypress, with Strawberry Mop Coleus as the filler and the Ice Plant doing the duty of the spiller.

The ‘Filler Plants‘ is the plant that will provide a textural or color complement to your ‘Thriller’ and help fill in your container garden.

Recipe 2

In a month or two, the Mandevilla vine in this pot will act as both the thriller plant and the spiller plant.

The ‘Spiller Plant‘ is the plant that will tumble out of the pot, softening the edges.  Look for a plant that will tie the 2-3 other plants together.

Recipe 3

Fern, white Impatience, and Calladium make up this head turning container.

Once you've gotten the basics and foundation down, there's no limit to what you can build.

More Recipes to come

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