declutter challenge 2024

7 weeks to a clutter free life



Each week for seven weeks, you will receive an email with a decluttering checklist for specific areas of your home

get motivated

Put on music, print the checklist for the week, and get started!

Week One

This first checklist includes 26 items commonly found in bedrooms and bathrooms that you can most likely discard and won’t miss!

Week Two

We will turn our attention to our kitchen and laundry room. This checklist includes items commonly found in kitchens and laundry rooms.

Week Three

We will be working in our dens and linen closets to clear the accumulated clutter.

Week Four

Our Offices and Craft Rooms will get our attention during Week 4, with the items found on this week’s checklist.

Week Five

We will switch gears and spend time decluttering our devices: computers, phones, tablets, and the like are black holes of clutter. 

Week Six

You are almost there... don't quit now. For our 6th week, we will tackle the clutter in our garage and attic.

Week Seven

In the 7th week, we will look at areas of mental clutter that we can eliminate or reduce. I’m excited about this new addition to the challenge.

At the end of 7 weeks, you will have checklists of many items that you can toss! Think of it as a Decluttering Scavenger Hunt!

where to donate or recyclee

declutter questions answered

download the checklists

...and let the Decluttering Scavenger hunt begin!


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