Ginger Lemon Tea Cubes

recipe and benefits included

my ginger lemon tea shortcut

Health benefits notwithstanding, grating fresh ginger and squeezing lemons every morning for my Ginger Lemon Tea is not something I will regularly do.

Waste not, want not!

Make hot or iced Ginger Lemon Tea anytime and with less waste when you make cubes and freeze!

Benefits of drinking  Ginger Lemon Tea

boosting the immune system defense against common pathogens anti-inflammatory properties stimulate white blood cell production remedy for nausea and digestive troubles stimulate and cleanse the liver and more!

Let's get started...

I typically grab my simple lemon juicer if it is just a couple of lemons.

Then, I grate the ginger using my microplane zester/grater. Use ginger juice for a no-pulp version.

Pour & Freeze...

Pour the juice into silicone cube trays. We use these trays frequently! Each cube holds about 2 tablespoons.

By having the ingredients in a cube form, all I need to do each morning is pop one in my class of boiling water, in my hot green tea, or in a glass of iced water.

How do you take your tea?

Year-round I add them to the giant cup of water I drink all day.

Lemon Ginger Tea

In the winter, I add them to my hot tea in the morning or a cup of hot water in the afternoon. It’s great for warming you up without caffeine.

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