Tomato Recipes

use up the inevitable bounty of green fruit!

How to Use Green Tomatoes

These recipes will accommodate any size of green tomato, from green cherry tomatoes to the larger variety.

Learn More About Tomatoes with Companion Planting

No room in the yard for a garden? Try Patio Tomatoes!

Fellow food blogger at Upstate Ramplings pickles her bounty with vinegar, garlic, dill and red pepper.

From Shrimp and Grits to Tomato Jam, you will find a great variety of green tomatoes recipes .

Try Creamy Sasa Verde from Away From the Box.

If you’ve never tried Fried Green Tomatoes, you’re in for a real treat! This southern delicacy is not your ordinary fried food — the firm yet tender meat of slightly tart green tomatoes fried golden brown.

From Grits and Gouda, try this easy tomato galette recipe made with premade pie crust dough, spreadable garlic and herbs cheese, and sliced fresh tomatoes.

The key is that you need underripe tomatoes instead of ripe green tomatoes such as Green Zebra Tomatoes, German Green Tomatoes or Green Giant Tomatoes.

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