Groceries to Buy on a Budget & Eat Well for Less

On Budget  Grocery Staples

Canned and Frozen Veggies & Fruits


Pasta, Rice and Grains


Ground Beef and Turkey

Chicken Legs & Thighs


Pasta, Rice  and Grains

Pasta, white rice, brown rice, and grains make for the base or sides of countless delicious meals.

Canned and Frozen Veggies & Fruits

Frozen Veggies are less expensive and healthy!

Frozen Fruit is perfect for many recipes!

Beans, of course

The nutritional powerhouse - dried beans are one of the best cheap foods out there and should be the staple of any pantry.

Cheap Proteins

Try alternative proteins like eggs, or cottage cheese in addition to ground beef and dark meat chicken.

Save with Coupons

Clipping coupons may be tedious, but now there are apps that will do that for you and it won't waste paper either.

Practice Meal Prep

It’s vital you begin to prioritize meal planning, so nothing goes to waste., and make a sensible shopping list.

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