How to Make Compost & Use it

Benefits of Composting: Recycle your Kitchen and Yard Waste

Organic Vegetable Garden with Composted Soil

It's fondly named ‘black gold’ for a reason!

Recycle your Kitchen and Yard Waste

Any vegetable or fruit can be thrown into your compost bin.  But coffee grounds, tea bags, and newspapers printed with soy ink are also compostable.

Green Matter vs. Brown Matter

"You'll want a ratio of 2:1, Green matter to  Brown matter.  The GREEN MATTER would be those typically soft, fresh or wet items, e.g., discards from salad prep or the old veggies from the bottom of your produce drawer, while BROWN MATTER is usually hard, dry or dead material, think dried leaves  and such here."

Stationary Composting Bin

Purchase a bin or make one on your own- DIY style.

Tumbler Style

The Compost Tumbler which is a sealed container that can be turned to speed the decomposition process.

Compost Gardening

enjoy the journey!

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