Scented Sachets with Lavender

How to Make

fun video included

So, what is a Sachet?

A sachet is a small bag containing potpourri or herbs meant to add fragrance to closets or drawers.

My Kismet Angel nudged me into thinking of making lavender sachets

What You'll Need to make Drawer Sachets

Fabric and Wooden Beads Lavender Buds Acrylic Paint Clear Acrylic Spray Cord, Needle & Thread Circle Pattern

Paint your doll faces first so they have time to dry and be sealed with gloss acrylic  spray paint.

Then, cut the cord and prepare the cord with tape and  glue as directed. Next, you'll cut your fabric into 11″ diameter circles

Using needle and thread, hem very loosely, turning over 1/4″ all the way around. Then add the prepared cord as directed and fill with fragrant lavender buds.

a sweet smelling Gift Idea!

Thread the head onto the cord and tie a snug bow on the top of her head.

Watch the Sauntering Sachet Video Here!

These handmade sachets make a lovely gift and can be ‘personalized’ with the recipient’s hair and eye color.

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