How to  Store Muffins 

Say ‘No’ to Soggy Muffins!

the challenge arises when you have leftover muffins

We can’t always finish all our baked treats when they are just baked. So, let’s look at how we can best store muffins to prevent them from getting soggy.

understanding the soggy muffin syndrome

Muffin truth:

it’s essential to understand why muffins often become soggy. The main culprit is moisture.

cooling is key

When you store warm muffins in a closed container, the heat causes condensation, which can make the muffins soggy.

whatever you do, don’t put your muffins in the fridge!!! It removes the moisture- Freeze instead.

muffin storage solutions: short-term and long-term

muffin storage solutions: short-term and long-term

room temperature for short-term muffin storage the freezer for long-term muffin storage

beware of the toppings + fillings

Moist toppings or fillings, like fruit or cream, can add extra moisture.

cool your muffins completely...  and enjoy!

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