Baby Blanket

Rosebuds & Ruffles

This easy knit baby blanket features rosebuds scattered throughout the body of the blanket and a crochet ruffle edge to finish it off.

They are the perfect handmade gift! Make blankets ahead so they are ready when you get that next invitation to a baby shower.


Gift Idea

Handmade with Love

This sweet Baby Blanket Pattern was written especially for a soon-to-born little girl named Grace.

The body of this pattern is really very simple and quick. I used a thicker, chunkier cotton yarn than I typically do; as such, I knit the body in about a week.


If you can knit and purl, you will be able to make these sweet little rosettes. Then you are ready whenever a baby is born.

Curved Dotted Line

Free pattern for this very baby blanket included on my website and helpful instructions too! Follow  me @lifeloveandgoodfood

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