declutter challenge mental declutter

week seven



learn the tips to identify mental clutter!

10 tips to keep the mental clutter at bay

practice the skill.

learn how

Focus on the solution, not on the problem.

—  Jim Rohn

what is mental clutter?

Mental clutter is much like tangible clutter; it’s thoughts in your mental space and mind overwhelming you  with to-dos, tasks, unnecessary thoughts, negative thinking, memories, and emotions.


Mental clutter may cause any number of symptoms, like lack of sleep, anxiety,  and so much more.

reduce clutter in your mind:

For those of us who aren’t so in tune with ourselves, it may require some structure and practice to discover what’s running through our minds.

complex clutter:

Learn the adverse effects of mental clutter on your well-baing and then let it go step-by-step.

Declutter your head when striving for a whole, healthy, and happy life.


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