Mini Strawberry Tarts Recipe

I am all about mini desserts! My sweet tooth is assuaged without the guilt of a large treat. These little strawberry tarts check all the boxes!

Begin with the Mini Tart SHells

Instead of traditional pie crust or pastry crust, these mini tart shells are made from sugar cookie dough, thus are less fragile.

Now Prepare the  Strawberry Curd

My fresh strawberry curd recipe is perfect for these strawberry tartlets. The strawberry powder makes the curd taste even fresher and more strawberry-ish.

Assemble the Mini Strawberry Tarts

Fill the cooled tarts with strawberry curd and garnish. Find full details on how to fan your strawberries for the top to create a beautiful garnish for the top. 

Love at First Bite!

The perfect mini dessert for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day , Bridal Showers, and more!

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