Mozarella Recipe


"When the tomatoes and basil from our garden are on repeat, we eat a lot of caprese and bruschetta during the summer. It is such a simple way to use the fresh bounty from our garden."

Choosing Your  Tomatoes

Any tomato will work here. BUT, with Roma or plum tomatoes, you will be able to use all the tomato instead of having to discard most of it.

Simple  Ingredients

Fresh Tomatoes Kosher Salt EVOO Garlic Cloves Mozarella Basil Leaves Rust Baguette Balsamic Vinegar

Thoughtfully choose a fresh loaf of rustic baguette, Italian, or Ciabatta bread, sliced or slice at home.

Caprese v. Bruschetta

Bruschetta is toasted or grilled bread topped with tomatoes, beans, cheese, or cured meats. This tomato mozzarella bruschetta is basically chopped caprese bruschetta!

You get all the goodness of the fresh ingredients with the caprese and the added enjoyment of it on golden brown, rustic, warm bread.


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