Needle Felted Acorns

DIY Project for the Fall

Fall Decor DIY

These needle-felted acorns were the first needle felting project I did on my own, and I am always so happy when I unpack the ‘fall’ box and spy these little guys.

Here’s What  You Will Need

Wool Merino Roving Felting Needles Felting Pad Brown Florist Wire Acorn Caps Rustic Wire Drill & Bit Glue

How-to GIFs included

The beginning of my little GIF below gives you a sense of how much wool you need for one needle felted acorn.

Watch your fingers!!! I purchased leather finger guards…worth their weight in gold!

Drop the acorn cap over the other end of the wire and secure the cap to the acorn with a dab of glue.

Branch Out

Once you have your stash of wired acorns, it’s time to attach them to your rustic wire.

FALL Napkin Rings

They are a great fall adornment in a bowl on their own, wired to a branch, or as lovely needle-felted acorn napkin rings for a fall table.

Needle Felted Pumpkins

Why stop at acorns, when you can make pumpkins too!

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