Spinach and Nectarine Salad

with Basil Dressing

topped with crunchy, toasted walnuts and a sprinkle of earthy gorgonzola

Spinach Salad with Basil Dressing

The tang of the nectarines plays perfectly with basil’s herby, subtle peppery, and minty taste.


Fresh Spinach Fresh Nectarines Gorgonzola Cheese Toasted Walnuts Basil Vinaigrette

Learn How to Properly Wash Spinach

Thoroughly washing spinach before using it in a salad is crucial to remove any dirt, grit, or potential pesticides.

Fill a basin with cold water. Soak the spinach. Wait a moment. Remove the spoinach. Rinse & dry spinach.

Wash and Slice Nectarines

Toast the Walnuts

Add spinach to a salad bowl. Place the nectarines, crumble the gorgonzola and sprinkle the walnuts.

Assemble the Salad

Basil Vinaigrette Dressing

Add all ingredients to the bowl of a small, high-powered food processor or blender and process until smooth, about 60 seconds.

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