Strawberry Jam Cake Recipe

For Easter or Mother's Day,  dessert, snack time, or as a morning coffee cake!

This Jam Cake comes together quickly! All you need are 20 minutes to get this Strawberry Coffee Cake into the oven.

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Tube Pan or  a Bundt Pan The rule of thumb is that you can substitute a tube pan for a bundt pan. I used a bundt pan for this jam cake, but if you don’t have one, feel free to substitute a tube pan.

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Fresh Strawberries

Corn Starch


butter & sugar room temp eggs vanilla extract all-purpose flour & salt baking powder & soda sour cream strawberry jam diced strawberries

Rolled Oats

All-purpose Flour


Brown & White Sugar

Cinnamon & Salt

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Step One

Combine butter and sugar in a bowl, creaming until light and fluffy then add eggs, one at a time, beating well after each addition.

Next stir in vanilla and add dry ingredients. Then combine jam and strawberries and layer.

Step Two

Step Three

Cool the cake and dust with powdered sugar. Serve this Easter, Mother's Day or anytime!

Display and Serve!

Moist and Buttery with Swirls of Strawberries and Strawberry Jam, this easy-to-make Strawberry Coffee Cake will become  a brunch staple.

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