Strawberry Tart for Mother's Day!

Why choose the usual dessert for Mother's Day, when you can make this gorgeous Strawberry Tart with a sweet cream cheese filling and a buttery tart shell? 

Getting Started: Weigh Your Flour

You’ll be surprised how many times there really is a difference between the volume measurement and weight measurement.

Prepare the Shell: Fill with Beans

Adding weight, in the form of pie weights, dried beans or rice will help keep the crust from shrinking or bubbling when you blind bake.

Foil and Prick the Tart Crust

An aluminum foil ‘shield’ will prevent the edges of your tart crust from browning too quickly. And when blind baking a tart crust or pie crust, make sure to prick the bottom of the dough.

Tart Pan Rim  Removal Technique

Remove the rim of the tart for serving by placing the pan over two jars with diameter smaller than the removable bottom. The jars will hold up the tart on the insert, letting the outer rim fall away.

Brush the top with a Strawberry Glaze!

Homemade glaze is easy,  made with delicious fresh strawberries and more! 

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