Subtle changes for a more cohesive and appealing look.


for Decorating Bookshelves

Less is More

Before you start, declutter. Only keep items that spark joy or have sentimental value.

Before and After...

In this ‘before’ picture, I’ve noted some areas where Lyn pointed out some improvements I could make.

Open Hands

Vary the Orientation

Mix horizontally stacked books with vertically lined-up ones. It gives depth and prevents the shelf from looking like a boring library aisle.


Whether it’s a potted succulent, a trailing ivy, or a robust snake plant, it will instantly lift the ambiance. I think my moss balls work just fine!

Light It Up

Fairy lights or small lamps can create a warm, cozy vibe. After discovering this wireless, rechargeable light for our bar cabinet, I bought another lamp for the bookshelves.

Add a Personal Touch

I have a porthole from my dad’s Navy service, a painting done by my dad’s aunt, shells we picked up during our time overseas, the Raggedy Ann and Andy books my mom loved as a child, and my grandmother’s milk glass urns decorating our bookshelves.

Woman Reading
Photo Frame

Artistic Flair

Use framed art prints, statues, or sculptures. I used one of my abstract paintings to give a backdrop to this piece of coral.

Use decorative boxes, pedestals, or stacked books to elevate some decor items.

Consider grouping books by spine colors.

Use stylish storage boxes or baskets to hide things you’d rather not display.

Varying Heights

Color Grouping

Hidden Storage

Woman Reading 02

If you’ve got items that are functional but also good-looking, like a beautiful globe or a decorative clock, flaunt them!

Don’t feel the need to fill every inch. Negative space can effectively make your shelf look curated and airy.

Function Meets Form

The Space Between

Man Reading

Keep your frames the same color as it is cleaner to the eye.

Frame Color\Style

Spending a little time on my bookshelves really has made a nice difference. It’s not dramatic, but it just seems cleaner and calmer.

Much Improved

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