Day Treats

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Valentine Mash Up

I gathered some delicious Valentine’s Day treats and sweets from around the web…you might need to give your New Year’s Resolution diet a few days off.

In case you want to make your sweet treat a tad healthier, Natalie’s Fudgy Cocoa Pomegranate Brownies need to find their way to your recipe book.

Filling strawberries with ricotta cheesecake sounds pretty darn simple and delicious. These are from the Petite Cook.

These shortbread cookies with jam or Nutella with a strawberry on top are fantastic! Shortbread is just so versatile!

You can’t go wrong with Truffles for Valentine's Day!

With Carol’s recipe, you can have your Chocolate Covered Cherries Cake and eat it too!

And for an easy twist on chocolate Christmas Bark, how about some Valentine’s Day bark…

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And if you need gift tags for your Valentine’s Day gifting, then check out these tags!

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